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About your teacher

My name is Angela Maria Schaeken. After teaching Dutch, English and Italian for over 20 years in several countries, I decided to start off on my own with AMS Language Studio to do what I like best: helping individuals and small groups improve their language skills so that they feel empowered to live and work with confidence in a different language environment.

The Netherlands

My journey began in the Netherlands where I was born and raised. With a M.A. in languages (Italian) from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands and a M.Sc. in Communication from the University of Sterling, UK, I began my professional life working as a part-time language trainer to adults and full-time Communications expert for a parastatal in the Netherlands.


My interest in exploring other cultures and languages took me to Africa where I continued working as a Communications expert for the ministry of Education in Botswana.

In 2002, I relocated to Cape Town, South Africa. This country, with its majestic landscapes, beautiful cultures and 11 official languages, allowed me to fully appreciate how powerful of a tool language can be in crossing cultural barriers. In the words of South Africa’s former President:

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

– Nelson Mandela

Soon upon arrival in the Cape, I fine-tuned my teaching and training skills by obtaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of South Africa, and I fully refocused on languages and teaching.

Over the past 18 years, I have taught students of all levels, ages and backgrounds in Dutch, English and Italian. For those who needed to take an exam, I have successfully helped them obtain their certificates. For those who wanted to learn the language or polish up their language skills, I have helped them to communicate effectively and with confidence.

Back in the Netherlands

The year 2020 marks the start of a new phase as I have returned to the Netherlands. With AMS Language Studio, I continue to do what I love most: helping students to reach their language objectives by offering all the teaching experience, knowledge and skills I’ve gained on both continents.

Angela Maria Schaeken
Director and founder of AMS Language Studio

About the lessons

Whether in person or via Skype, in small groups or one-to-one, AMS Language Studio offers English and Dutch lessons that are effective and stimulating.


The lessons are effective because they are personalised: tried and tested language teaching/learning methods are combined with a variety of learning resources that best fit the students’ learning needs, objectives and interests. The diverse and interesting learning resources include authentic materials, specially prepared materials, and online media and tutorials.

AMS Language Studio is constantly searching for new tools to optimally support each and every student in achieving their leaning objectives.

Stimulating learning environment

Having fun while learning, is essential to stay motivated and progress.

Personal interests related to work or hobbies are incorporated in the lessons and used to enhance the students’ language skills.  Also, excerpts from tv-programmes, interviews, games, and role-plays are just a few of the activities we use to ensure lively and fun lessons.

The varied and personalised lessons create a stimulating and fun learning environment. As a result, students successfully reach their language objectives.

Read what our students have to say.



“Angela has contributed not only to my language development but also my personal growth. She is genuinely patient, highly experienced and most importantly, very accommodating in every single lesson. Just a lovely, kind-hearted person – even with Skype’s limitations, she feels close to me!”

Nicole van der WattDigital Copywriter - Nedbank, Johannesburg

“Het was een geweldige ervaring om Nederlands te leren met Angela. De lessen waren gepland volgens een logisch opgebouwd lesprogramma en ze bood extra oefenmateriaal voor lastige onderwerpen. Angela legde concepten duidelijk uit en gaf heel goede feedback op al mijn opdrachten. Het resultaat was dat ik begon op een A2-niveau en glansrijk slaagde voor het Staatsexamen II in slechts vijf maanden. Zonder haar steun en vriendelijke benadering was dit niet mogelijk geweest.”

Mari PotgieterSocial Blue, Amsterdam

"I have been learning English with Angela since the end of 2018. I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons with her and have made significant progress. I now communicate with my colleagues from the UK in English with confidence, even when the conversation is on the phone and the connection is poor. In 2020, I am planning to pass the Cambridge Advanced C1 exam."

Angelika VosQA Auditor – Bureau Veritas Nederland

"Angela finds a way to combine structured learning with relaxed, enjoyable lessons. I find that I look forward to every lesson. I am recommending her to all my friends and colleagues!"

Regardt PeroldDentist, Ballito

“Angela helped me to really understand Dutch and the basics of the language with all of its nuances. Our lessons were interesting, tailor made, thought provoking and Angela even kept me up to date on Dutch current affairs to keep the lessons fresh. Even though I only had to prepare for the Dutch Inburgeringsexamen she taught me so much more. Her patience and passion for her craft is what makes her an outstanding teacher.”

Candice BrouwerCreative Producer, Amsterdam

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training I received from Angela. Not only did I learn a lot but it was also very interesting and entertaining. She quickly adapted the training to my requirements when she noticed that my Afrikaans background gave me an advantage in learning Dutch. Angela assisted me through the process to do my B1 exam within a year and I am now working in the Netherlands and people have no problem in understanding me nor I them.”

Tania SmithTopograaf - Kadaster in Zwolle

“Angela is fantastisch. Ik heb iedere week een uur Nederlandse les en zit nu na twee jaar tijd op een C1-niveau. Ik geniet van iedere minuut. Zij is zorgvuldig, zeer deskundig, en het is leuk om Nederlands te leren met haar. ”

Paul RischbieterRadioloog, Pretoria

"I have had the privilege of being taught the Dutch language by Angela in 2019 in preparation for the B1-Level Dutch Language exam. I found Angela to be extremely qualified in the Dutch language as well as English and she is very accommodating and understanding of challenges a learner experiences with the language. The course took me just over a year until I wrote the B1-level Dutch language exam in November 2019 which I passed and did very well on."

Elton Clothier-HubertsStakeholder Relations Officer at Blue Label Telecoms, Johannesburg

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